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Spring batch

Summary: Spring Batch is a lightweight, comprehensive batch framework designed to enable the development of robust batch applications vital for the daily operations of enterprise systems. Spring Batch builds upon the productivity, POJO-based development approach, and general ease of use capabilities people have come to know from the Spring Framework, while making it easy for developers to access and leverage more advanced enterprise services when necessary.

Tutorial 1: Configure Spring batch Admin
Tutorial 2 – Create your first Spring Batch Job.
Tutorial 3 – Skip items in error and implement your SkipPolicy.
Tutorial 4 – Log skipped items in a DataBase.
Tutorial 5 – What happens with the transaction when an item is skipped ?
Tutorial 6 – Add a Quartz menu item inside Spring admin console ?
Tutorial 7 – Controlling Spring batch execution flow
Tutorial 8 – How to use xml Streaming in SpringBatch ?

Create Refactoring Plugin with Eclipse JDT

Summary: Eclipse provides a powerful set of automated refactorings that, among other things, let you rename Java™ elements, move classes and packages, create interfaces from concrete classes, turn nested classes into top-level classes, and extract a new method from sections of code in an old method. Becoming familiar with Eclipse’s refactoring tools is a good way to improve your productivity. This survey of Eclipse’s refactoring features, with examples, demonstrates how and why to use each.

Tutorial 1 – How to write your custom refactoring with Eclipse JDT?
Tutorial 2 – How to remove unused import in all classes of a Java project